The Portrayal of Women in Rap Music.


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The following are lyrics taken from various rap songs portraying women as objects of sexual desire amongst many things.  Read them and form your own opinions on how exactly women are being portrayed.  Look specifically at the titles women are given.  What kind of image is being sold here? And whom is it being sold to? 

"Tip Drill"
According to a Tip Drill is defined as:
"Noun. Comes from the Basketball practice in which players run hit the ball off of the backboard then the next player comes along does the same and so on. A tip drill is a person up for everything. Imagine a group of men lining up to have sex with one woman, that woman would be the Tip Drill.
Verb.  To have sex with a girl with a nice ass but an ugly face "

Artist: Nelly

I said it must be ya ass cause it aint yo face i need a tip drill i need a tip drill...
Said if you see a tip drill point her out where she at point her out where she at point her out there she go...

(Verse 1)
We throwin money in the air like we don't give a fuck lookin for a tip drill i need a tip drill...
Now mama girl you gotta friend that don't mind joinin in ima tip drill i need a tip drill...
Now baby girl bring it ova let me spit my pimp juice i need a tip drill i need a tip drill...
I said it ain't no fun unless we all get some I need a tip drill we need a tip drill...
(Verse 2)
I said now come on girl you know what we came here for cause you a tip drill we need a tip drill...
You lookin good in them shorts but they look better on the floo' casue you's a tip drill cause you's a tip drill...
See now i wanna let you ride but the rubber might slide you's a tip drill girl you a tip drill...
Toot that ass up mama put that dip in ya back and let me tip drill just let me tip drill...
(Verse 3)(Girl talking)
I said it must be ya money cause it aint yo face you a tip drill nigga you a tip drill...
My apple bottom lookin right i know you wanna bite you's a tip drill i heard you was a tip drill...
I got you payin my bills and buyin automobiles you a tip drill nigga you a tip drill...
I know you a trick gon' spin that shit you ole' tip drill you funky ass tip drill...


"Part of the reason rap artists come under fire more than any other group is because people don’t respect what we do as art. When actress Halle Berry appears in Monster’s Ball, people separate the character from the real person, and she wins an Oscar! A rapper couldn’t use a line describing what she did in the movie, let alone film it in a video, without getting heat for it." -Nelly


With the help of business partners and investors Nelly has founded the energy drink "Pimp Juice".  Check the What the Industry Is Saying link to see Nelly's opinions on the controversy surrounding his lyrical content. 

"Let Em Have It"

Artist: Tupac

Now you've been actin like you want it for a long time
All up in a nigga face, givin me them strong vibes
Look in my eyes and you'll find peace
A gemini, so you really blow my mind freak, c'mon
I got my clothes off, hard as a nigga in jail
Skinny niggaz throw the dick well
Everybody get they condoms, brother cause it's time to fuck
Hurry up and put it on nigga, time is up
What's next got my mind on some group sex
Where you goin baby, I ain't even through yet
Do it like a true vet, love it how I threw it to ya
Even now make it good to ya, remember me?
I love fuckin slow with the lights low
Black puerto rican even white hoes, bellisimo
Que linda, dame beso, come to papi
Fuck until the shit is sloppy, if you really want it


Alright all my real niggaz and my real bitches
Let me see you do it like this, c'mon

Daddy rock a player body 'til I tell you to stop
Hit the right spot if not leave money and kick rocks
I'm a thug ho, I need a thug nigga up beside me
A player that can ride me, a cat that can rob me
Make a jazzy ho like me bust a sweat
Hit it from the back, grab me by my neck, demand your respect
I'm not a on my back ho
I ride the dick and hit it 'til it cold
Bustin fits of nuts.. get 'em up
I'm a sagitarrius freak, my real hoes feel me
Legs open wide, nigga dick inside
Like (?) tonight's the night for you to hit it doggie style
Lay me on my stomach while I'm countin them hundreds
Fake bitches wanna front like they don't wanna keep it real
You know you want a thug nigga just to see how it feel
Hoes wanna rock Gabbana, Dolce and Versace
Let me rock your body mouth on my.. call you papi...

Yeah, like that? Yeah

See, it all started simple, turned into me lickin the nipples
Fuckin you doggie style to this instrumental
Hands up, all up inside ya, hell I can stand ya
Eyes open I don't plan to bust, just hold on
Baby let me zone in, whaddyou mean?
Can you scream let it go beotch, how does it feel?
Got a nigga like steel in ya, to keep goin
Now I'm fuckin like I'm killin ya, let's go another round
Baby is you down really, two shots of ecstasy
Lick a nigga down silly, your body next to me
I could touch you inside, and you'll cry
So good when a nigga leave, you'll die
My mama told me baby be a man put it on her
Hittin bitches like, switches comin around the corner
I wanna let me get my ride on
It's yo' dick baby but it's my song, now if you really want it
Rock, your body body, rock your body…


Gots to send this one out to the freaky bitches
Definitely all the scorpios, and the geminis, and the virgos
You know I know the truth about you scorpios and you virgos
No doubt gotta give it to the capricorns
They some freaks too on the down down
The libras, they like it even but they still like fuckin
No doubt, aquariuses, libras, I said those
Leos, yeah they some freaks, leos is freaks
They always wanna run shit in bed
Sagitarrius, taurus.. cancer, all you freaky fucks
I'm a zodiac fucker I'll do you all one at a time
And all day long, let's get busy!


Born on June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn Tupac Shakur became one of raps largest icons.  He was murdered on September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas after being shot.  He has released more post-mortem albums then any artist to date.

"Some Cut"

Artist: Lil Scrappy and Trillville

What it is hoe, ah what's up (what's up)
Can a nigga get in them guts (them guts)
Cut you up like you ain't been cut (been cut)
Show your ass how to really catch a nut (oh yeah yeah)
Well give me your number and I'll call (I'll call)
And I'll follow that ass in the mall (in the mall)
Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls (oh yeah)

[Verse One]
This your boy Mr. Funkadelic, what's the business baby
I've been eyeing you all day in the mall miss lady
You looking good, I think I seen your ass in the hood
With your friends dressed up, trying to front if you could
But anyway, gone and drop a number or something
So I can call you later on,on your phone or something
Take you home, and maybe we could bone or something
It's no limits to what we do,cause tonight we cutting, gut busting
I'm digging in your walls something viscious
With your legs to the ceiling, catch a nut someting serious
You delirious,or might I say you taste so delicious
With your clear brown skin, almond joys and kisses
And you ah certified head doctor
Number one staller that takes dick in the ass and won't holler
Bend you over and I'll follow you straight to the room
Where it goes down lovely in the Leagon of Doom

[Verse Two]
Shit, you know the deal before a nigga even stepped
Damn that ass hot, seems like it's gone melt
You know I give it to you til you run out of breathe
Then bust a nut all over yourself
The first time I called, you were juggling on my balls
In and out of your jaws, I was beating down your walls
Had your ass breaking laws for a player was the cause
And every time you seen a G you was slipping off your drawers, I recall
I met your ass at the mall, in the fall
You the one with the dress on, let me take you home
Show your ass how to buss a nut, up in the guts
Cut you up like you ain't been cut
From the back (back) then to the side (side) to the front
Turn around,you got me right
I smack them thighs, anyway that you want me
So gone see about a pimp and that monkey
And that's fo' sho'

[Verse Three]
What's the buiseness baby, can I get in them drawes
I like the way your hands rub against my balls
Cause you the one, a nigga met at south dekalb mall
With your pretty brown skin, thick thighs and all
135 petite, and your smell is unique
Maybe we can exchange numbers and hook up in the week
Oh, You a freak, I knew it from the first time I saw you
The way you played with your tongue, I knew right then I would call you
So what it is, they call me Super Don from the ville
And I'ma tell you like this, cause a nigga so real, and stay trill
Cause all I wanna do is just drill, with that ass in the air, and the pussy I kill
And I feel, you love to fuck up on a hill
Suck dick from behind, and take nut in your grill
So bitch chill, and shut your mouth just for a second
While I lay this dick down on you just like I'm Teddy


Born and raised in Atlanta, Lil Scrappy is apart of a music genre called Crunk, which consists of music largely from the Southern United States.  In this picture Lil Scrappy can be seen holding his "pimp cup". states "If you wanna work the art... you gotta look the part!".

"Hoes With Babies"

Artist: Odd Squad


Fuckin with them hoes with them babies
Woo woo woo oo
Fuckin with them hoes with them babies
Yeah yeah

[ Rob Quest ]
Alright now, when you fuckin with them hoes you know with 4, 5 kids
And when you come you gots to bring candy and chips and shit
Got a rubber in your pocket thinkin you'se the pussy-getter
But when you come inside you end up the baby-sitter
Tellin the kids to put some shoes on they goddamn feet
Hey y'all, straighten up and be neat, why don't you take your ass to sleep
You got the job, you're knowin Bob, you're knowin 50s, 60s, 70s
75 and 80s, bitch, there's somethin with these babies
Here's a dollar, beat it, here now take your ass and scram
You're worse than flies at a picnic - goddamn
You little snotty nose brat, y'all's about to get slapped
Hey, stop pullin on my earring - hey, get the feet off my lap
Where yo daddy at? See, I'm only here for the evening
To get that pussy good she fix a sandwich then I'm leavin
Really though, I'll probably leave with a hard-ass dick
But that's the shit you gotta put up with
Yo, when you're


[ Jugg Mugg ]
I called up this gal and set up a date
I met her at her place, the Cuney Homes around 8
And when I knocked a little bad-ass niggy opened the do'
This bitch came out talkin bout (come on y'all, let's go)
Let's go where? (To McConald's, hell it's right up the street
We gotta go and get my kids a little somethin to eat)
Now I'm thinkin to myself like, what's the goddamn deal
I'm orderin two Big Macs and four Happy Meals
And I spent all of my snaps, now what's the haps on the naps?
Let's put the kids in the sack and let me hit it from the back
Now I'm tryin to bone mommy on the bathroom floor
But little man steady knockin at the door
Her little girl started cryin, now it's gettin shitty
To keep her ass from cryin pick out the sag titty
Fuck it, where my drawers and my shoes, show me to the do'
Hey, I'm Audi, hoe - yeah, that's how it go


The Odd Squad pertains to the Southern Rap category.  They were signed to Rap-a-Lot Records in 1992, releasing their first single in 1994 titled "I Can't See It".  The album was flop. 

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